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Some free full games to download

Hi,i'm Karl! All free games are running on Windows PC computers, Mousie is available for Apple Mac und iPhone, too. These are full free games, which means the downloads are unlimited in playable levels and playtime.
- Have fun, Karl.

Summer Bound - a free puzzle game / action game

Free game download This addicting puzzle game will occupy players for hours.
It's a combination of jumping ball action with puzzle solving.
With its moderate difficulty level, this freeware game is an ideal introduction to the series of Bound games.
For instructions, level solutions and screenshots click on this link
Summer Bound game infos
Free games download Download and play the game for free now!
30 rooms filled with arcade puzzles are waiting to be solved.
File size 0.7 MB
for Windows PCs

Snoopy - a simple platform jumping game

Snoopy games The gameplay is simple, walk and jump with your dog through more than 100 levels. That doesn't mean the game is easy though. Deadly gaps, monsters and laser beams make Snoopy's journey back home a tough challenge.
Click on the link for screenshots and game instructions
Snoopy game infos
Free game download Download and install Snoopy by clicking on the button.
All downloads are 100% safe - no spyware or adware!
File size 0.7 MB
for Windows PCs

Mousie - a Sokoban-style puzzle game

Mousie Mousie is a free game in the vein of the classic puzzle game Sokoban. It features new elements like different sized blocks, revolving doors and holes in the ground blocking your advancement. The game is available as a free download for PC and Apple Mac computers. Mousie has got 20 levels for kids and 20 tricky puzzle levels.

Read more about Mousie on the Mousie page.

Free game download Download and install Mousie on your PC by clicking on the button.
All downloads are 100% safe - no spyware or adware!
File size 1.5 MB
for Windows PCs
Free game download Click here to download Mousie for Mac. Drag and drop the Mousie icon to your application folder when the download is finished!
File size 2.3 MB
for Apple Mac OS X
File size 2.2 MB
for iPhone