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Game hints
Bound Around Downloadable game Frozen Fruits X - game hints and solutions
Here you can find solutions to the hardest rooms.
How to get the game? It comes with the full version of Bound Around.
Click here for more information about Bound Around.

Game hints, solutions, walkthrough for Frozen Fruits X

Frozen Fruits X is a challenging game combining action and puzzle solving.
Solutions for the most difficult puzzle rooms can be found below.

General hints for the downloadable game Frozen Fruits X
  • A room is too hard to finish?
    Try reducing the gamespeed. You can do this in the menu.
    Use the cursor keys to select GAMESPEED then press cursor left to reduce the speed.
  • What's the THRUST key?
    Press shift, ctrl or space to move faster up and down.
  • What's a bomb good for?
    Use it to smash blocks like wood blocks or all kinds of fruits.
  • There are fruit bricks in the room but there is no color switch that fits.
    You have to find another way to destroy these fruits.
    Maybe a blue devil can help you.
    He can destroy many blocks like wood blocks and all fruit bricks
    by smashing them from the side.
    Or use a bomb to remove one fruit.
  • How can i destroy a water block?
    It can only be removed by Sparky. Guide him to the block and it will disappear.

Game hints

Some hints that might give you an idea how to solve a room.
See detailed level solutions below if the hint is not enough.

Room 3Try to smash at least two fruit bricks while going upwards.
Room 5Only the blue skull monster can destroy the purple fruit blocks on the right side.
Room 6First destroy all fruits in the lower right corner.
Then use the three fruits in the upper right corner to bounce back down several times.
Room 10Destroy the top purple fruit when going up. Use this hole to dig to the right.
Room 11First destroy the three blocks above you using the bombs.
Room 12Make the skull monster destroy the yellow and red fruits on the left first.
Then let it fall down on the right side to smash the remaining blue blocks.
Room 13Let one devil fall down on the left when he's moving to the right.
Let the other one fall down on the right when he's moving left.
Room 14Use the first three bombs to destroy the three purple fruits.
Then go down and bomb a hole through the rows of green kiwis so that the skull falls down.
Room 15Smash fruits from the left. Try to dig a hole to the right.
Room 16You can't smash the purple fruits in this room.
The blue devil has to do it for you.
Dig up and make paths from top to bottom.
Guide the devil to the purple fruits so he smashes them from the side.
Room 17You have to guide the sparks to the water blocks which block the way to the four outer fruits. It's best to release only one spark at once.
Keep in mind that the sparks will move along the blocks in a clockwise direction.
Room 18How to smash all bricks at the bottom?
First smash the middle one of three blocks then you can destroy the left and right ones with one move.
Room 19Release the six sparks. Wait until the first 3 have removed the water blocks.
Then go down before the other 3 reach the path going down.
Room 20There's a bomb in the lower right side of this room.
You have to get it before the skulls destroy it.
Room 21This room requires a lot of dexterity. Reduce GAMESPEED in the menu to make it easier.
Try to smash blocks from the side while going up or down in the middle of the room.
Room 22Release the upper three sparks. Use them to destroy the row of three water blocks that block the way on the bottom right side of the room.
Room 23There's no red color switch, so you can't remove the red fruits.
You have to guide the blue devil to the red fruits, he will smash them from the side. The problem is that the devil must not reach the bottom of the screen before destroying all red apples.
Room 24Find a way to make the skulls fall down on the right side of the yellow blocks.
Room 26Jump to the left destroying the 5th cyan cherry from the left. Change your color to green. Then use the bombs to remove the rows of yellow fruits.
Room 28Here the blue devil has to smash the yellow fruits. Make a path that guides the devil to these fruits. Reduce the GAMESPEED in the menu if it's too difficult.
Room 30Here's the best order to smash the fruits:
1. The two red ones on the right side
2. All green kiwis
3. All yellow lemons

Level solutions

Detailed solutions to some of the toughest rooms.
Room 03 Room 13 Room 19 Room 26
Room 05 Room 14 Room 20 Room 28
Room 06 Room 15 Room 21 Room 30
Room 10 Room 16 Room 22
Room 11 Room 17 Room 23
Room 12 Room 18 Room 24