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free Christmas game Play Christmas games - Download our free Christmas video game.
Find hints and walkthrough for Christmas Bound, one of the most challenging Christmas video games.
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Christmas Bound - hints, solutions and walkthrough

Game FAQ - Frequently asked questions
  • Adjusting the game's speed.
    You can reduce the Game Speed in the Options menu.
    The game will run slowlier making certain levels easier to solve.
  • How can i destroy a blue brick when there's no blue color switch?
    - Drop an apple bomb on it.
    - Make a pumpkin bump into it.
    - Take a heart, then destroy the blue brick.
  • How can i remove a cactus?
    Guide a ladybug next to the cactus. It will destroy the cactus.
  • There's one room that seems to be impossible to solve.
    All levels are solvable. See room solutions below if you can't figure out the solution.
Walkthrough for all 32 rooms of Christmas Bound
These solutions will help you when you are stuck.
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Room 02 Room 10 Room 18 Room 26
Room 03 Room 11 Room 19 Room 27
Room 04 Room 12 Room 20 Room 28
Room 05 Room 13 Room 21 Room 29
Room 06 Room 14 Room 22 Room 30
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