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Game help, hints, walkthroughs & solutions for our games

Click on the image or the link to go to the games' help page.

Frozen Fruits 4 hints Frozen Fruits 4 - lots of levels, lots of puzzles
This page contains solutions for the full game and the levels of the demo version.
Help for Frozen Fruits 4
Bound Around hints Bound Around - game help for the classic game
Look here if you need help for a room of the full version or the demo version.
This page also contains general hints for Bound Around.
Help for Bound Around
Frozen Fruits X hints Frozen Fruits X - the free bonus game that comes with Bound Around
Find solutions for the toughest rooms here.
And some general hints on how to succeed in the game.
Help for Frozen Fruits X
Mousie solutions Mousie - a free puzzle game similar to Sokoban
The game has 20 kids levels and 20 tricky levels.
Solutions can be found here.
Mousie solutions
Summer Bound hints Summer Bound - our freeware game with 30 levels
Help for most of the 30 rooms can be found here.
Plus general hints on how to solve the game.
Summer Bound solution
Christmas Bound walkthrough Christmas Bound - our free Christmas game download
On this page you find a full walkthrough for all 32 rooms of the game.
And hints and tricks on how to help Santa Claus.
Christmas Bound walkthrough.
Frozen Fruits hints Frozen Fruits 1 - the classic game.
32 pretty hard levels.
On the hints page you can find help for the hardest levels.
Frozen Fruits 1 help
Frozen Fruits 2 hints Frozen Fruits 2 - a fan-made sequel to Frozen Fruits
Fans designed the levels of this sequel game.
Visit the hints page for solutions to its most difficult rooms.
Frozen Fruits 2 hints