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Frozen Fruits 4 Room hints, walkthrough, solution for Frozen Fruits 4

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Room 79 - Solution for Frozen Fruits 4

Hint 1

Make the flame monster destroy this
ice block to get access to the two keys.

Hint 2

Touch both key switches.
Then use the hammer to reach the
three purple fruit blocks.

Hint 3

Release the rolling skull head.
Then release the flame monster.
The flame must kill the skull after
the skull has smashed two stones.
The stone marked with 'A' must be left intact.

Hint 4

Touch the green key switch.
Then remove two purple blocks like
in the image.
Then release flame number '1'.
Then flame number '2'.

Mystery 1

Break the three purple blocks.
The flame will go up destroying some ice blocks.

Mystery 2

Lock the upper flame in a circle around this block.
Remove the block when the flame is going to the right.
It will fly right to the ice block containing the mystery.