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Frozen Fruits 4 Room hints, walkthrough, solution for Frozen Fruits 4

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Room 146 - Solution for Frozen Fruits 4

Hint 1

Release the two flame monster so that
they destroy both ice blocks.

Hint 2

Jump to the left.
Break the marked green block.
Go up and take the blue color.
Then shoot fireballs to destroy 3 red fruit blocks.

Hint 3

Go to the right to the hammers.
Remove these three blocks and wait for the
rolling monster to clear the whole lines.

Hint 4

Destroy the marked block.

Hint 5

Destroy this block.
Now the monster will break all red blocks.

Hint 6

Now do these two things:
1. Shoot the monster with a fireball.
2. Remove the last green fruit blocks.
The rest is obvious.


The mystery is hidden in the green color pot.
Break it with a hammer.