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Frozen Fruits X room 22

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downloadable game A complicated game - Room 22 of Frozen Fruits X

You can find this complicated game here: Bound Around.
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Solution for Frozen Fruits X room 22

Hints for level 22 of the complicated game Frozen Fruits X.
1. Bounce off the blue fruit and remove the upper three ones while going down.

2. Destroy the two fruits blocking the passage while going down.

3. Remove the lower blue fruit.
The three sparks will enter this path and destroy the three water blocks.

4. Go to the teleport.

5. Smash all blue fruits.

6. Take the teleport. Important: You have to go down when entering.

7. Turn to the right and smash the two blocks while going down.

8. Open the upper path.

9. Wait until the second sparks arrives and removes the water block
which is blocking the path to the last two fruits.