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Frozen Fruits X room 14

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downloadable game Puzzle games : Hints for room 14 of Frozen Fruits X

Download this puzzle game here: Bound Around.
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Room 14 - Solution for Frozen Fruits X

Solution to level 14 of the puzzle game Frozen Fruits X.

1. You have to be quick. Take the bomb and smash the left purple fruit.
Reducing the gamespeed in the menu can help to make it easier.

2. Go down through the hole and destroy the other two purple fruits with the bombs.

3. Go down and bomb a hole into the row of kiwis.

4. Go below the row of kiwis and bomb a hole from below. The skull will fall down.

5. Go down and use the four bombs to destroy the four purple fruits.
Now you can remove the red fruit and then the green ones.