Frozen Fruits X room 20

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downloadable game Puzzle-style action - Room 20 of Frozen Fruits X

You can find the puzzle-style game here: Bound Around.
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Solution for Frozen Fruits X room 20

Hints for level 20 of the puzzle-style game Frozen Fruits X.

1. Remove the kiwi fruit.

2. Wait until the first three sparks have removed the water blocks.
Then go down before the other three sparks reach the tunnel.

3. Stay in the middle.
The first skull will bump into the blue fruit and open the path.

4. Dodge him when he returns to the left.
Then take the bomb before a skull destroys it.

5. Go up and smash one blue fruit with the bomb.
Turn to blue and remove all blue fruits.

6. Take the teleport and remove all remaining blue fruits.