Bound Around

Hints for Room 27

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Bound Around Room hints, walkthrough, solution for Bound Around

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Room 27 - Solutions, hints for Bound Around

1. Sneak to the middle block while all the blades are on the right side. The blades must not see you.

2. Sneak to the right while the blades are on the left. Then take the green color switch.

3. Sneak back to the start. Again don't let the blades spot you.
Break the green block and go down.

4. Now tease one (and only one) blade to rush down to you. Dodge it and it will bump into the red bombs making them explode. The explosion will destroy all the purple blocks.

5. Bait the next blade. Tease it to bump into the bombs on the right.

6. Guide the last blade to the blocks on the left. Now only a couple of green blocks remain which can easily be removed.