Bound Around

Hints for Room 85

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Bound Around Room hints, walkthrough, solution for Bound Around

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Room 85 (Demo version) - Solutions, hints for Bound Around

1. Remove all yellow bricks except the ones around the two cacti.

2. Get the heart and free the ladybug with it.
The bug will walk to the left and destroy the cactus there.

3. Bust the remaining yellow bricks.

4. Go down. Get the red color and destroy the following three bricks.

5. Free the pumpkin. He will destroy the two blue bricks blocking the path to the right.

6. Remove all red bricks. Change to green and make the two bombs fall down.

7. Make the blade go up.

8. Make it to rush to the left. It will bump into the apples destroying them.
You can reach all color switches now and solve the room.