Bound Around

Hints for Room 105

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Bound Around Room hints, walkthrough, solution for Bound Around

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Room 105 - Solutions, hints for Bound Around

1. Push the first apple to the right so that it falls on the branch. Then let the right apple fall down on the branch,too.

2. Dig up and let the next apple fall down.

3. Remove green blocks like in the next image. Then let the marked apple fall down. This will destroy many apples. Beware not to get killed by the explosion!

3. Now you can remove two apples on the left by letting the upper apple fall down on the lower one.

3. The same with the two outer left apples.

3. Now there's only one apple left. It's not a big problem to destroy it. After all apples are removed, you have to smash all green blocks. Afterwards use the color switches and take away the remaining yellow and purple blocks.