Bound Around

Hints for Room 147

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Bound Around Room hints, walkthrough, solution for Bound Around

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Room 147 - Solutions, hints for Bound Around

1. Smash these two yellow blocks. Then use the heart to remove the green one beneath them.

2. Push the left apple into the hole.

3. Push the upper apple down to the purple skulls. Be careful not to hit a bee.

4. Change your color to purple and go up to the apple. Push it to the left and try to hit a bee. The explosion will destroy the green skulls.

5. Go up to the start and take the heart. Destroy the middle blue block.

6. Push the right apple to the left into the hole.

7. Last step: Drop the apple on the bee to destroy the green skulls. It's not easy to hit. After this you have access to all color switches.