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Free christmas games downloads

A computer game for the

most beautiful time of the year

There's nothing like christmas holidays,
with a few days off and a nice computer game to enjoy.
We are offering a completely free action puzzle game
as a christmas gift to all visitors of our website.

Christmas Bound

A christmas themed puzzle action game

Our free christmas game The Bugs haven stolen the christmas presents from Santa Claus.
Control a bouncing tennis ball on his quest to bring them back.
Seek out the Bugs' hideout in Monster Land and solve all 32 varied puzzle rooms.
Download and play the game right now or visit the page with screenshots and detailed infos on the controls and goals first:
Free christmas game - Christmas Bound
Christmas game download Download and install the game by clicking on the button.
100% safe download - no spyware or adware!
File size 0.9 MB
for Windows PCs

Bound Around - the game's big brother

Bound Around game If you liked Christmas Bound, don't forget to take a look at the trial version of Bound Around.
It has a lot more levels, more items, more enemies and a big world to explore. Click on the picture or follow the link.
Bound Around