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for Frozen Fruits 2

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Frozen Fruits 2 download Game FAQ for the free action puzzle game Frozen Fruits 2
Find solutions for the most difficult levels on this page.
Download of the game can be found here: Frozen Fruits 2

Walkthrough, hints and solutions for Frozen Fruits 2

These are the game FAQ (frequently asked questions) for Frozen Fruits 2.
The 35 levels of the game where designed by fans of the first part.

Game hints for Frozen Fruits 2
  • Turning down the game's speed.
    You can reduce the game's speed in the menu (standard=80%).
    Select gamespeed in the menu and press the cursor keys to change the game speed. Reduced speed makes some levels easier.
  • Which bricks can be destroyed with a bomb?
    - All fruit bricks.
    - Wood blocks and color changers.
    - Never hit a skull after you have taken a bomb!
  • How to remove water blocks?
    Only a spark can destroy a water brick.
  • Are there more levels available?
    Please check out the Bound Around demo.
    The full version of Bound Around has more than 160 levels and new game elements.

Level designers

Thanks to the following people for designing the levels of this game.
Albion Gruber and his grandchildren Scott McAllister and his family
Anthony Gibrick Skip Bell
Brandon Whitehead Stephen Briston
Iced Viper T-Man
J.T. Schiavo Travis Drake
Kostas Seferidis X2 - HaVoK
Michael E. Burlison Yagnesh Jadavji
Patrick Somath Yossi Hakmon

Solutions for the hardest levels of Frozen Fruits 2

Click on a picture to see the solution for the level.