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Frozen Fruits download Classic games - The free arcade puzzle classic Frozen Fruits
Find solutions for the hardest rooms on this page.
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Solutions, game hints, walkthrough for Frozen Fruits 1

Frozen Fruits 1 is one of the most challenging classic games.
Solutions for some of the most difficult 35 puzzle rooms can be found below.

General hints for the classic Frozen Fruits game
  • Reducing the game speed.
    You can turn down the game's speed in the menu (standard=80%).
    Select gamespeed in the menu and use the cursor keys to make the game faster or slower. Some levels are easier to solve with slower speed.
  • What can i break with a bomb?
    - All kinds of fruit blocks.
    - Special blocks like wood or color switches.
    - Don't hit a skull after you have taken a bomb!
  • What about water blocks?
    Only a spark can remove a water block.
  • Where can i get more levels?
    Please play the Bound Around demo.
    The full version has got over 160 levels and new game elements.

Video walkthrough for all 35 rooms

Watch a talented player play through all 35 stages of Frozen Fruits 1.
The gameplay videos can help you.
Frozen Fruits walkthrough on

Level solutions for Frozen Fruits 1

Click on an image to see the solution for the room.