Arkanoid meets Super Mario World

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Bound Around - screenshots of the game in action

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Apple tree puzzle Desert world puzzle Snowy winter world Frozen Fruits X
The apple tree.
A level late in the game.
Solve tricky puzzles
in the desert.
Snowfall in winter land.
More stars needed.
Free bonus game.
Frozen Fruits X.
Download the game Bound Around
File size 2.0 MB
for Windows PCs
Click on this button to download the free trial version.
Here the first 12 levels are unlocked.
Download link: Bound Around (demo).

Get the full version of Bound Around
File size 2.5 MB
$10 for 2 games
If you liked the trial version, why not order the full game?
You can download and play the full version within minutes.
Buy here: Buy Bound Around

Free game Frozen Fruits X X-tra bonus game for free - Frozen Fruits X
If you purchase the full version, you will receive a game for free.
Frozen Fruits X is the prequel game to Bound Around and offers 30 tricky levels of puzzle fun.

"Frozen Fruits is one of the most addictive arcade games that I have played in quite some time."
(Review on, prestigious software site)
Mac game download The game is also available for Apple Mac OSX computers.
Click here for information: Bound Around Mac game

A combination of Super Mario World and Arkanoid

The goal is to break all colored bricks with your bouncing tennis ball.
The ball can only destroy bricks which match its color.
Touching a skull with the same color will destroy the ball.

Game features
  • Lots of puzzles that require different strategies - mind stimulation for weeks!
  • Game progress is saved automatically - no repetition of already solved rooms.
  • Overall friendly atmosphere, no hate or violence. Well, maybe a little bit.
  • Highly original gameplay for young and not so young players.
Game controls
Cursor keys : Move the ball left and right. You can't move it up or down.
Shift, ctrl or space : Extra vertical speed.
ESC : Open menu where you can restart the current level or quit the game.

Game story
The evil insect army has kidnapped the tennis ball family and taken them to Insect Land.
Yello ball is the only one left. Help him survive the perils of the land and bring back his beloved ones.

Journey to Insect Land
To travel through the desert, the snow land and all the other places of this big land, Yello has to solve over 160 tricky puzzle rooms. Quick reflexes are not enough to master this quest.
The varied challenges that await you require a lot of brainpower.
Logical and creative thinking is the key to success. Outwit the enemies and use them for your purposes.