Frozen Fruits 2

The sequel game

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Frozen Fruits - Part 2

Play 35 new levels designed by fans of Frozen Fruits.

Frozen Fruits 2

35 new levels

This is the sequel to the classic Frozen Fruits game with 35 new levels created by fans of the first part.
Once more it's your mission to enter 35 storage rooms through tubes and bust all fruit bricks in there.
Quick reflexes and logical thinking are required to master the task.
Download Frozen Fruits 2
File size 0.9 MB
for Windows PCs
Click on the button to download and install the game.
The game is 100% safe and free of spyware or adware.

Game controls

Left/right move : Cursor keys or 4,6 on the numeric pad
Vertical speed : Press shift or space
Back to menu : ESC or Return
Delete savegame : Press delete or backspace twice
Quit game : F12

Game solutions

Help and walkthroughs for the hardest rooms can be found here:
Frozen Fruits 2 FAQ