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Summer Bound Cool free games - the free puzzle arcade game Summer Bound.

This pages provides help for the game.
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Game hints, solutions and walkthroughs for Summer Bound

General game hints - Frequently asked questions
  • A room is too hard to solve.
    Did you know that you can reduce the Game Speed in the Options menu?
    This will make the game run slowlier which makes it easier to play.
  • How can i destroy a purple brick when there's no purple color switch?
    - Throw an apple bomb on it.
    - Let a pumpkin bump into it.
    - Take a heart, then bust the purple brick.
  • I think this one room is impossible to solve.
    All levels can be solved although some may look impossible at first sight.
    See the solutions below in case you are stuck completely.
  • The game is too easy and needs more levels.
    Please play the Bound Around demo.
    It's got a lot more rooms and it's a real challenge.
Level solutions for the toughest rooms
Use these walkthroughs if you are really stuck.
Level 02 Level 13 Level 23
Level 05 Level 14 Level 24
Level 06 Level 15 Level 25
Level 07 Level 17 Level 26
Level 08 Level 18 Level 27
Level 09 Level 19 Level 28
Level 10 Level 20 Level 29
Level 11 Level 21 Level 30
Level 12 Level 22