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Welcome to Snoopy - the jumping dog game

Snoopy game download Guide Snoopy the dog back home to his doghouse in this remake of a forgotten C64 jump-and-run classic.
Snoopy for the C64 was a popular game that had its own simple charme. We decided to develop a modernized remake of this forgotten gem of videogame history with renewed graphics and more levels.
Download game Snoopy
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for Windows PCs
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Game controls

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Cursor keys or 1,2 on numpad.
Cursor up, shift, ctrl or space.

Memories from the past

The 80-ies and 90-ies of the past century were the golden age of jump'n'run games. Companies like Sega and Nintendo had huge success with funny, bright colored platform games like Donkey Kong, Super Mario World, Sonic the Hedgehog and Crash Bandicoot. Snoopy for the C64 was a rather obscure and a little trashy title from this time.
Screenshots - click to enlarge
Donkey Kong Super Mario World
Donkey KongSuper Mario World
Snoopy C64 Snoopy
The original C64 SnoopyBlueskied's remake