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Downloadable games for Apple Mac

Hi,i'm Karl! Here are some games that i've made for Apple Mac computers.
Bound Around is the Mac version of my best game.
Mousie is a free puzzle game in the vein of Sokoban.
More Mac games will be released in the future. - Happy gaming, Karl.

Bound Around, a puzzle - action game for Mac OS X

Bound Around Bound Around combines brick-busting action with challenging logic puzzles and a taste of adventure games.
Solve over 160 rooms in a land full of monsters, explosive apples and dangerous traps.
The further you get in the country the harder the challenges get.
More about the Mac game
Download Mac game Bound Around Click on the button to download the demo version.
It contains the game's first 12 levels. Try to beat them!
Order the Mac game Bound Around Order the full version. It's a lot longer and features new enemies and game elements. Plus it comes with the free game Frozen Fruits X.

Free Mac games

So far Mousie is the only free game that i have ported to Apple Mac.
More free downloadable Mac games will be released in the future.
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See below.

Mousie - a Sokoban-style puzzle game

Mousie Mac Mousie is a free puzzle game that takes the game concept from Sokoban to a new level. Your goal is to reach the exit. Cheese blocks in different sizes, gaps in the floor and revolving doors are blocking your way. Mousie comes with 20 easy kids levels and 20 tricky puzzle levels.

Read more about Mousie on the Mousie page.

Free game download Click here to download the free Mousie game for Mac. Drag and drop the Mousie icon to your application folder when the download is finished!
File size 2.3 MB
for Apple Mac OS X