Frozen Fruits

Part One

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Frozen Fruits - Part 1

A free platform puzzle game with 35 challenging levels for Windows PC.

Frozen Fruits 1

The great game story

Foul aliens from the other end of universe travelled through an interstellar wormhole and took over mother earth.
Mankind's last chance: Infiltrate all of their 35 gigantic fruit storage buildings and destroy every single piece of fruit! (The aliens are vegetarian)
Without food their reign of terror will come to an end.
Download Frozen Fruits 1
File size 1.0 MB
for Windows PCs
Click here to download the classic platform puzzle game.
Our guarantee - It's 100% safe and free of spyware or adware.

Download version 1.4.1 in case you have troubles missing transparency: Fruits_setup_1.4.1.exe

Your mission

Your mission is to get access to all 35 store-rooms of the aliens and destroy all fruits there. When you start the game, your spheroid fruitcrusher has just entered the alien's storage building. Here you can enter the 35 rooms through the green tubes. If you destroy all fruits in a store room, you get one star. You will need the stars to gain access to new areas in the storage building. Star doors block your forthcoming. To smash a star door, you need at least as many stars as is inscribed on the door. Tubes with a star on them haven't been solved yet.

Game controls

Move left/right : Cursor keys or 4,6 on the numeric pad
Vertical thrust : Press space or shift
Go to menu : Enter or ESC
Delete a savegame : Press delete or backspace twice
Quit game : F12

Game hints

Hints and solutions can be found here:
Frozen Fruits 1 hints

Frozen Fruits 2 - the sequel game

There's a fan-made sequel available.
Information and download on this page:
Frozen Fruits 2