Summer Bound

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Summer Bound - a free downloadable game for PCs

This game combines elements from classic games like Chip's Challenge, Boulder Dash & Crillion. Click on the small pictures to see large screenshots.
Summer puzzle game Cool puzzles
Hot summer Cool puzzles
Download game Summer Bound
File size 0.7 MB
for Windows PCs
Click here to download this classic game with 30 puzzle rooms.
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Classic game elements make a whole new game

This original free computer game combines elements from classic puzzle arcade games.
You need dexterity and logical thinking to clear 30 rooms of all colored blocks.
Bust the colored bricks by hitting them with your bouncing ball. You can only destroy bricks that match your color. Special items like bombs and brick smashing pumpkins can help you.

Game controls
Cursor keys : Move the ball left and right. You can't reverse or stop the bouncing.
Shift, ctrl or space : Hold on of these keys to gain extra up-down speed.
ESC : Back to menu. You can restart the room or quit it.
F12 : Quit the game immediately.

Game hints
All levels are solvable, though some may look impossible first.
If you need help with a level, please use this link to go to the solutions page.
Game solutions

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