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Hi, Frozen Fruits 4 is out!

Hi,i'm Karl! Frozen Fruits 4 is available for download.
Get the demo version with 15 levels in case you are interested !
Frozen Fruits 4

If you've got some question, feedback or just want to say hello,
please write me an email. Have fun, Karl.

Frozen Fruits 4, the latest game in the series

Frozen Fruits 4 Vegetarian aliens from Aldebaran have landed on Earth.
They've constructed 180 storage rooms full of delicious frozen fruit.
Your mission is to clear all rooms of the fruit so the invaders are forced to leave the planet hungry.
Typical gameplay known from games like Bound Around.
Read more about Frozen Fruits 4
Frozen Fruits 4 Click here for more info and to download
the demo version with 15 exclusive levels.
Download here: Frozen Fruits 4 (demo)
Buy Frozen Fruits 4 Buy the full game with over 180 challenging rooms !
Order page: Order Frozen Fruits 4

Bound Around, a puzzle - action game for PC and Mac OS X

Bound Around Enjoy a game full of action, adventure and tricky puzzles.
You are in control of a bouncing tennis ball on his journey
through Monster Land in search for his kidnapped family.
Bound Around's quality lies in the way it mixes puzzle solving
with action-style gameplay.
Read more about the game
Download the game Bound Around Play the demo version without time limit.
Can you solve the first 12 rooms?
Download Link: Bound Around (Demo)
File size 2.0 MB
for Windows PCs
Order the game Bound Around Get the full version with over 160 tricky rooms!
Plus it comes with a free bonus game.
Order page: Order Bound Around

Games for Mac OS X

Games for Mac The Bound Around game is also available for Apple Mac computers.
And there's a Mac version of the freeware game Mousie.
Games for Mac

Free full versions

I've released a few freeware games, i.e. unlimited games without restrictions
on the play time or the number of levels. Give 'em a try!
Mousie Mousie is my latest freeware game.
It's a neat little puzzle game where you have
to push aside cheese blocks to reach the exit.

Get Mousie and my other free games on the
free full games download page.

Game hints & help

Stuck in a certain level? Need help with one of the games?
On this page you can find game solutions and hints.
Game hints

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