Bound Around - Mac game

Puzzles, action and adventures

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Bound Around - Adventures and puzzle solving in Monster Land

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Apple game One ladybug and lots of cacti Snow falls gently Free extra game
These apples are explosive. Be careful! Adventures in desert world. Cacti included. Snow is gently falling
in the winter land.
Frozen Fruits X.
The free bonus game.
Mac game Bound Around
File size 5.8 MB
for Apple Mac OS X
The demo version offers the first 12 level of the full game.
Let's see if you can beat them.
Visit the game hints page if you need help with the game or
don't know how to solve a certain puzzle.

Full version of Bound Around
File size 5.8 MB
$10 for 2 games
Interested in playing the remaining 93% of the game?
Order the game and you'll receive an email with
a download link to the full version.

This Mac game for free Frozen Fruits X - get it free with your order
The full version of Bound Around comes with
a free copy of Frozen Fruits X.
It's the prequel game to Bound Around with 30 challenging levels.
Frozen Fruits X's gameplay is similar to Bound Around, mixing arcade elements with puzzles.
Game for PC The games are available for Windows PCs, too.
Find them here: Bound Around game for PC

Brick-busting action combined with puzzle adventures

The goal of Bound Around is to bring back 160 magical stars from Monster Land.
You'll find the stars in 160 levels, each one being a tricky puzzle.
When you find new stars, new parts of the Monster Land can be accessed.

  • A bunch of objects to be used in a clever way - bombs, power hearts, switches, ...
  • Enemies with extravagant behavior - Cactus eating ladybugs, bomb throwing pelicans, ...
  • Your game progress is saved automatically - you start the game where you last left it.
  • Original gameplay that makes you think.
Basic controls
Cursor keys : use them to move the tennis ball left and right.
Ctrl, shift or space : gives you extra vertical speed.
ESC : restart the current room or go back to the main menu.

Your Mission
The bugs have kidnapped the tennis ball family. There's only one ball left - Yello.
He departs to Monster Land to rescue his family. Can he find the evil spirits who
hide out in the farthest part of the land?

A big adventure
Monster Land is huge and has several areas. Access to these areas is blocked by star doors.
When Yello finds enough stars he is able to open the doors and advance in the game.
Of course the stars are hard to earn. Guarded by the insect army they lie in over 160
rooms throughout the country.