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game faq Retro games : Frozen Fruits 2 the sequel to a retro-style action puzzle game.

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Level design by Travis Drake.

1. Go up using the blue teleporter.
Then destroy the marked block using the bomb when the devil is coming from the right.

2. Take the cyan color and go down.
Take the bomb and destroy the single wood block next to the water blocks.
Then change your color to green and remove the green fruits.

3. Enter the blue teleporter once more and go to the cyan color switch again.
Go back down and remove all cyan fruits.
Change your color back to green and enter the orange teleporter.

4. Remove all green fruits.
Then use the bomb to break a wooden block below the devil.

5. Take the cyan color and break the cyan fruit.
This takes some timing, use SHIFT of SPACE to go up/down faster.
Do the same for the rest of the colors (purple, yellow, red).