Bound Around

Hints for Room 150

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Bound Around Room hints, walkthrough, solution for Bound Around

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Room 150 - Solutions, hints for Bound Around

1. Tease the bird to drop bombs. The bombs must destroy the following wooden blocks.

2. Now release the two ladybugs. Note: You have to open the passage so that they get separated.

3. Wait for the first bug to go up to the cactus.

4. Take the power heart and break through the wood. Be quick! The second bug can now go to the left and eat the cactus there.

5. The bird will drop down a bomb which destroys the wooden block. Now you have access to the underground (change your color to purple before).

6. Use the star switch. Then wait under the right hole until the bird flys over and drops a bomb through it. Be careful, the bird should only drop ONE bomb!

7. Release the pumpkin. He will destroy all blue blocks and you can reach the green color switch. The room is solved.