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game faq Play puzzles mixed with arcade action - Frozen Fruits 2

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Level design by J.T.Schiavo.

1. Use the bombs from the bottom right corner to break a hole into the wood wall beside the water block.
The spark will remove the water block and you can go inside the room.

2. Destroy the marked green fruit on the right. This is rather difficult and takes a lot of timing.
Don't remove the marked yellow fruit.

3. Wait until the devil has destroyed all cyan blocks on the right.
Then start breaking blocks on the left so that the devil will remove the rows one by one.
He will also destroy the heap of fruits on the right side when he falls of the edge.

4. This is how the devil will remove the heap of fruits on the right.

5. In the end you should come to a situaton like this.
Destroy the remaing fruit blocks with the bombs.
There won't be enough for all blocks.
You have to go back the bottom right corner of the level and bring some.